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Garmin Bark Limiter No-Bark Collar- 

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The Garmin Bark Limiter has the added bonus of 3 different operating modes:
Autorise Stimulation – 18 Levels:  Turn the dial to the ‘A’ position and the collar will correct the first bark at level one, if the dog barks again he will receive another correction at level 1.  If he barks a third time the collar will jump up two correction levels and correct him twice at this level.  The process continues like this, giving the dog 2 stimulations at the current level and increasing by two levels when the barking continues.  Once the collar matches your dog’s drive and has stopped the barking it will slowly start to decrease one level at a time.  If the barking starts again the collar will begin increasing again from the current level it is set to.

Manual Set Stimulation – 7 Levels:  The Manual Set mode is simply controlled by wheeling the correction dial to the desired intensity, 1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest correction intensity.  To find the right intensity level you can start by fitting the collar to the dog and setting it to level 1.  Give the dog a bit of time to have a few barks and feel the light correction, if the collar doesn’t halt the barking on this level then you can move to level 2.  Continue this increasing process until you notice the dog is reacting to the correction and keeping quiet.  This operating mode is particularly effective for headstrong or intelligent dogs.

Vibration Stimulation:  This mode is turned on by rolling the correction dial to the ‘V’ position.  Each time your dog barks the collar will vibrate to break the bark cycle.  There is no static stimulation delivered when set to ‘V’.

Despite all of the technology packed inside the new Bark Limiter, the fully waterproof unit is still very compact and fits fine on dogs from 7kgs upwards.  It is just over 60mm wide, 35mm deep and 35mm high, the strap is 71cm long and can be cut down to size once fitting is perfected.

The Bark Limiter comes in a standard battery-replaceable version, the ‘Bark Limiter’, and also a ‘Bark Limiter Deluxe’ version which has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  Apart from the Deluxe unit being slightly smaller in size (from 5kgs up), the rechargeable battery is the only feature that sets the two collars apart. The Bark Limiter runs off a replaceable CR2 camera battery that lasts for an average of 6-10 months between changes, this can be affected by the correction mode you are using, how much the dog activates the collar and the stimulation intensity. The current battery condition is shown by the LED light when you turn the collar on.  Green means good battery life, Yellow means you need to replace the battery and Red means your battery is dead and the bark collar will not function.

To help conserve battery life, the Garmin Bark Limiter has retained the popular ‘sleep mode’.  If the collar does not pick up any movement or barking, it slips into a sleep mode which powers down the collar and prolongs battery life while bark control is not needed.

Bark Odometer:
The stand-out feature for the Garmin Bark Limiter is the Bark Odometer, which counts how many times your dog barks!  The Bark Odometer function has also had a change for the better. Once you turn the device to the ‘N’ position the collar will turn off and the LED on top of the unit will display a sequence of lights.  A red flash means 10 barks and a green flash means 1 bark, so if the collar flashes red once and green 6 times, the reading is 16 barks.  This feature is extremely handy when your dog only barks while you aren’t around, if you come home and see that your dog has barked once or twice then you can figure that the collar is set to an appropriate level and is doing the intended job.  However, if you come home and see 30 barks on the collar, it indicates that you may need to check the correction mode you are using and perhaps increase the stimulation level manually.

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