20151029_171429                                                  release%20the%20hounds                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Collars N Stuff  Team is a family business  based in country Victoria, Australia. We have been involved in the hunting dog scene for well over 30 years. The business itself started out of the need to find quality products for our own dogs, at reasonable prices. We would either manufacture or source products at a good bulk price and then use what we required for our own dogs and sell a few items to friends. By word of mouth and providing great customer service this soon led to expanding into the business we are today.

We also run a Jagd Terrier Kennel (German Hunting Terrier) ‘Hardcorjags’ and we are members of Dogs Victoria.

We are proud sponsors of the VHH (Victorian Hound Hunters)

Our Team live and breath hunting dogs and, dogs in general –

Dogs are not a Hobby, They are a way of life to us